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  • Francisco on 2015-Dec-19 21:10:39 Francisco said

    Seconding RachelV on Jiu Thai the proprietors are from Shenyang, and they serve soldliy authentic NE Chinese cuisine. Lamb dumplings, lamb noodle soup, and other dishes that aren't part of the typical flavor profile of Cantonese, Sichuan, etc. cuisines but are typical of NE China. One of the best authentic Chinese restaurants to open up in Columbus in the last few years, and food you won't find much of anywhere else in the US, except NYC.
  • Sinte on 2015-Dec-21 04:21:42 Sinte said

    there's this place in olde towne east (oak and wilson) <a href="http://glkphcw.com">caleld</a> Families Mobile Kitchen. They serve chicken and waffles (and other food)if u haven't had it i suggest u try it. I got The Real Urban Legend i couldn't even finish it and the mac and cheese is to die for. If ever get chance stop by try their food u won't be disappointed.
  • Res on 2015-Dec-21 10:47:42 Res said

    Afraid the place no longer estxis, although a new restaurant, Temptations 3 , is located there now. Completely renovated and now has simple yet adequate ambience. Only had one take-away, but the King Prawn Tikka Masala (not on the menu, but they agreed to make it for me!) was excellent. It is worth a try. http://airwbmt.com [url=http://nepsqplmofx.com]nepsqplmofx[/url] [link=http://bbruvmgw.com]bbruvmgw[/link]
  • Muttu on 2015-Dec-22 22:30:25 Muttu said

    Thank you very much for breathing new life into this <a href="http://ktzqfa.com">arlctie</a>. I am so happy to learn that I was once a custom of a shop with such class. I bought my first camera from them ages ago.

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